Mystical Dragon


This beautiful piece relieves stress thanks to the benefits of incense combined with an object of pure oriental design.

The smoke generated by the cones flows downwards, giving a particular cascade effect, hypnotic and relaxing.

It is a very hypnotic and relaxing optical effect which, associated with the scents emanating from the cones, acts positively on the psychophysical sphere, giving a sense of peace and tranquility.

- Promotes well-being

- Calms/relaxes your mind
- Reduces stress and anxiety
- Aids in deep healing sleep
- Allows for easy meditation
- Improves focus and memory
- Soothes physical aches and pains
- Purifies the air

- Our incense diffusers are made of ceramic and are prepared and delivered in eco-friendly packaging.
- Create a Zen corner to relax at home without sacrificing aesthetics and design.
- Reflux Incense: thanks to the processing of this particular incense, the dense smoke will flow downwards creating a beautiful cascade effect, the incenses are 100% natural.

- Mystical Dragon is compatible with all of our incense cones, creating a mesmerizing and calming fluid cascade effect.
- This product will be shipped without incense cones. You can order a variety of different scents of incense cones on our website.
- We ship worldwide!
- We choose to ship our products from our warehouses which are closest to your home. Please be aware that it could be possible that packages arrive separately if you purchase multiple products.
- The measurements of this product are 13 cm x 13 cm x 23 cm.

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